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Children 4 - 18 years
1st paying child

Children 4 - 18 years</br>1st paying child

Price $639.00
All included!

We encourage all students to become DANK members

I am currently not a member and would be very interested in becoming a member.
.    Please complete the registration process at http://www.dank.org/join/,
      select Chapter Preference "Illinois - Northern Suburbs" - or -
      bring the completed DANK Membership Registration form, and a check during the first day of school.

I pay my annual dues.
     New: Online membership payment at http://www.dank.org/membership/payment/,
      select Chapter Preference "Illinois - Northern Suburbs"
      Basic Membership Dues: $40, Spouse / Partner: $10, Children ages 0-17: Free.

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Arlington Heights,   Saturdays, 9:30 am - 12 noon.

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Learn German in Palatine or Arlington Heights in a fun and enjoyable learning environment!

NEW: Includes annual book-, materials and any AATG testing fees!

Deutschunterricht mit Spaß in Palatine oder Arlington Heights!