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Children 4 - 18 years
3rd paying child

Children 4 - 18 years</br>3rd paying child

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All included!

We encourage all students to become DANK members

I am currently not a member and would be very interested in becoming a member.
.    Please complete the registration process at http://www.dank.org/join/,
      select Chapter Preference "Illinois - Northern Suburbs" - or -
      bring the completed DANK Membership Registration form, and a check during the first day of school.

I pay my annual dues.
     New: Online membership payment at http://www.dank.org/membership/payment/,
      select Chapter Preference "Illinois - Northern Suburbs"
      Basic Membership Dues: $40, Spouse / Partner: $10, Children ages 0-17: Free.

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Arlington Heights,   Saturdays, 9:30 am - 12 noon.

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Learn German in Palatine or Arlington Heights in a fun and enjoyable learning environment!

NEW: Includes annual book-, materials and any AATG testing fees!

Deutschunterricht mit Spaß in Palatine oder Arlington Heights!

Please only use this selection to register additional family members if you have already two paying children from the same family in your shopping cart.